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Instantiate page button

Create items via Sitecore ItemService, Experience Editor button and JavaScript.

So what is going on here? That is a complicated title! Well yes it is, that’s because this was the easiest way to achieve what i wanted and it resulted in what could have been three separate blog posts. I’ll try to keep it together by starting with an explanation. Continue reading Create items via Sitecore ItemService, Experience Editor button and JavaScript.

Add elements to form

Let there be forms! Sitecore Forms!

So Sitecore 9 is out and with it quite a lot of new exciting features and functions. One is more awaited than the others. Sitecore Forms. In this blog post I will be taking a look into the forms in combination with the experience accelerator. Hopefully Sitecore has a new powerful tool that editors can use to create powerful forms with ease. Continue reading Let there be forms! Sitecore Forms!

Html stripping not working correctly in single-line field

As the title says when an editor pastes text into a single-line field in the experience editor, the html formatting does not get stripped correctly. This bug has been verified in Sitecore 8.1 and 8.2. I have not tested in any other versions.

Html stripping does not work

What I have done here is to change the field type in the home item of an empty Sitecore installation to a single-line field. I then searched for “Sitecore rules!” and copied+pasted the title from google into the single-line text field and saved the item.

There is a patch for this provided by Sitecore support. It can be downloaded here:
When applied the html stripping of formatting should work as intended.

The version of the patch says that it is built for Sitecore 8.2, but Sitecore support has told me that it will work fine for Sitecore 8.1 as well.