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Customize default search in Sitecore experience editor

Many of today’s Sitecore implementations contain lots and lots of items. In many cases the items are stored in buckets and the editors are therefore totally dependent on finding what they are looking for by using the search functionality in Sitecore. When entering the search in Experience Editor the editors may become a bit overwhelmed with information since the default is to search for everything. Normally the editor could start filtering and then search for whatever is needed. Continue reading Customize default search in Sitecore experience editor

Adding a second master database

Have you ever wanted to add a second database so you can keep millions of items in it and not having to publish it?

Well, to be honest me neither until a few days ago. The scenario is that you have lots and lots of data in other systems (PIM, DAM, Pdf-library or whatever). You want this data to be accessible in Sitecore but you do not want to publish it since that will take forever and cause all sorts of problems.

So in this case you could keep all that data in the second master database (in a bucket of course, since the content tree will be quite hard to handle otherwise). Continue reading Adding a second master database