About me

My name is Jens Gustafsson and I am a certified Sitecore developer since 2006. I haveĀ  developed many different web sites in Sitecore since then. Ranging from small websites for local sports teams to advanced sites for large global corporations in a large number of markets with many languages and advanced integrations. I have also developed a number of B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions within the Sitecore framework.

The reason I got stuck in Sitecore is that I think Sitecore is one of few systems that does not put up any boundaries for me as a developer and consultant that restrain my options. There really is no magic happening in the framework. What Sitecore can do, I can do.

This is not true for many other systems, something I learned since I have strayed from the Sitecore path on a number of occasions to try everything from small obscure CMS:es as well as giants such as Sharepoint only to be disappointed by them. I even wrote a CMS and sold it back in the late 1990’s but that is a different story.

Why this blog?

This blog will server as a reminder to myself how I did things I find practical and hopefully others can get some inspiration from it too.

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