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Let there be forms! Sitecore Forms!

So Sitecore 9 is out and with it quite a lot of new exciting features and functions. One is more awaited than the others. Sitecore Forms. In this blog post I will be taking a look into the forms in combination with the experience accelerator. Hopefully Sitecore has a new powerful tool that editors can use to create powerful forms with ease.

So, how does Sitecore Forms look?

Sitecore forms form

So far so good, it looks like a modern UI with drag and drop functionality and all the components one would expect to be there are in place. Nice!

Just a reminder, this is what we had to work with before in web forms for marketers (WFFM).

Old forms

Creation of a newsletter sign up form

So we just want to verify that it all works for now. I will try to make a deeper dive into the inner workings of the forms at a later stage. But for now I am just excited to be able to create something with ease.

I have added some texts and two inputs at this stage. It is really easy. Just drag and drop them onto the form.

Add elements to form

To edit the different form elements, just click the one you want to edit and change whatever properties appear.

Edit form element properties

Finally we want the form to be submittable. Let’s add the submit button and assign some actions to it. Simply drag the submit button to the form, click it and click the “+” at the submit actions. I added a “Save Data” action and a redirect to page. In the redirect to page I added a thank you page that I created in the experience accelerator earlier.

Submit button actions

Now the form is done.

Adding the Sitecore Forms form to a page

Now we need a page to host the form. Open the content editor and navigate to the start page of the experience accelerator site of your choice and open the experience editor. Click “Insert Page” to insert a new page. I named the new page MyFormsPage.

A forms wrapper needs to be added to the page. Simply drag it onto the page. It can be found here.

So a wrapper is present. Now just add the form by adding the Mvc Form component to the page. In the pop up find your form and click “OK”.

That is it. Now we just need to save and publish.

Using the Sitecore Forms form

Navigate to the form page and enter your data.

The form

Click Submit.

Thank you page

And voila, you are transferred to the thank you page.


I understand that this is a very simple form, but it literally only took five minutes to create, and another three to display it on a new page with Sitecore experience accelerator. This is a very powerful tool that has very solid feel about it. What I wanted this post to illustrate is that the old world of explaining why WFFM is so hard to use is gone.

Welcome to the new world of Sitecore Forms! It truly will make a lot of editors happy. This will be a driver for getting the solutions upgraded to Sitecore 9.

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