Monthly Archives: November 2013

Redirect with customizable redirect headers

The aliases provided by Sitecore provide the same basic functionality, but they will not get you very far if you want to be a bit more advanced and allow the administrators to select the type of redirect or expand the redirect functionality in some other way.

The solution is to create your own redirect functionality which is quite easily achieved by adding some templates and adding a pipeline to the httpRequestBegin processors. Continue reading Redirect with customizable redirect headers

A very simple media upload via URL

The media upload functionality in Sitecore only handles direct file upload while you sometimes would like to add a media item from the Internet. There are for example Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems that use URL cut and pasting as a means of integration.

The drawbacks of this method of integration is that the web site will depend on the media being available from the DAM system which it may not always be. If for example the DAM is down a single point of failure is introduced in the web site. If the editors remove an image from the DAM system they will have no way of knowing that an image actually is used in a web site. I personally do not think that URL cutting and pasting is a good way of integrating a DAM system, but sometimes you have to deal with the systems already out there. Continue reading A very simple media upload via URL

Replace white space in media URLs in Sitecore

When the users create media items and media folders in Sitecore that contain white space all media URLs will also contain white spaces. This is apparently frowned upon by W3C and their html-validator.

One would think that the normal <encodeNameReplacements> in web.config also handles media URLs, but it does not. It is however realtively simple to override the GetMediaUrl(…) that Sitecore uses without being too intrusive. Continue reading Replace white space in media URLs in Sitecore

Shortcuts to content editor web and core

I often find myself switching between the core database, the master database and the web database in Sitecore. Each switch makes the content editor reload and I have to find my way back through the content tree to where I was before I need to switch databases.

This is a way to add shortcuts to a content editor for each database on the desktop in Sitecore. Continue reading Shortcuts to content editor web and core