Adding title and image through SXA

SXA and Sitecore 9 – Setting up a simple site

I have not used SXA (Sitecore experience accelerator) a lot and I am not sure why. The fuzz has not been about SXA, but maybe there should be more fuzz about it. It is a handy tool for enabling the fast creation of sites. It should really be considered, at least when creating campaign sites or smaller solutions.

In this blog post I will set up an Example site and add some controls to the first page of it. I know this is very simple stuff, but when I got started with it I couldn’t find basic information about how to do this, so this could be helpful. I suspect that I will come back to SXA a lot in later posts.

Setting up a tenant and a site

Right click the content node and insert a new Tenant.
Create tenant

Right click the new tenant and insert a new site.
Create new site in SXA

Choose a host name for the site in the settings window that appears.
Creating my site

Choose a theme that can be used for the site. I went for Basic2.
Choosing theme for my site

Editing the fist page of the site

Find the home node of the site and click Publish -> Experience Eitor
Edit the first page of the new site

The SXA toolbox should be visible on the right side of the screen when the Experiene Editor has finished loading. In case it is not enable it in the view tab.
Experience editor SXA

I added an image in the header section and a title in the main section of the page.
Adding title and image through SXA

Apply the theme in the experience accelerator tab.Applying theme

Publishing the site

To make the site actually appear we have to do some more work. First we do of course have to publish. So go ahead and publish the site. Further more the host name has to be added to the IIS unless there is some wildcard binding in place. Add it to the bindings. Also don’t forget to add it to your hosts file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts).Add binding to IIS

Open up a new incognito window, browse to mysite.local and voilá, your site should be visible. As I said very simple!The results on the first page


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